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Elliottsweb is proud to offer Article Announcer – the only good way to have your articles or e-books announced to thousands of relevant websites. Article Announcing submission is fast and produces immediate results. Get your story announced on the Internet with Article Announcer!

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This is advertising at its best! Thousands of highly targeted prospects hitting your web site, subscribing to your web site, clicking on your affiliate links or ordering your products/services. It’s like owning a network of thousands of “traffic vending machines” that spit out traffic for you 24/7! And better still, studies have shown that getting your article published in an e-zine is ten times more effective than merely placing an e-zine ad. That’s right, TEN times! You can’t buy this type of quality advertising, anywhere. Request a Quote online today!

How article submission works:

Some websites are loaded to the brim with thousands of pages of optimized, keyword rich content. Many of these websites didn’t spring up yesterday either. In fact, some of them have been around for 6 years or more, with a full-time staff to baby-sit them.

As a result, the search engines adore these sites. They score high rankings and have a high Page Rank as well. Sounds like just the kind of place you’d want to get free traffic and links from right? Well, now you can!

Even better, these same websites will allow you to piggyback off their massive traffic, high page rank, top search engine rankings, and let you advertise on hundreds of web pages for free!

These “content hubs” are actually called Article Directories. Article Directories contain thousands (sometimes as many as 40,000) articles in dozens of different categories.

There are hundreds of Article Directories on the Internet today and this number is growing each month. We have scoured the Internet to create our own exclusive list of these precious gems. But chances are, you’ve only heard of about 7 of them. Why is that? Because it’s impossible to find a good, up to date list of article directories.

And that’s only the beginning. Once other webmasters, bloggers and e-zine publishers begin seeing your content, they WILL republish it on their websites — that means you will gain more free traffic exponentially!

Aside from the search engine ranking and linking benefits, getting your articles picked up by popular e-zines, Blogs and websites is a reason alone to start having your articles submitted to all the top directories.

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