Live Custom Chat Room Pages for Your Website Design

Would you like to communicate with your visitors in real-time through your new website design? Chat rooms are quickly becoming increasingly popular for customer support services during business hours and for discussion type forums for your employees or customers during off hours. These chat rooms will allow for an instant question and response system for visitors all over the globe without the need of leaving the confines of your website design. Utilizing such a chat system can potentially save large quantities of money for both your company and your customers in the long run, particularly when compared to traditional phone costs. It’s also less intensive compared to full blown Bulletin Board Systems.

This chat service is a real-time communication solution depending upon your necessary application. The chat room feature for your website design also includes a yearly fee to CherryOne in order to maintain and support the service. You can work with your CherryOne team to figure out the best methods and placement for your chat service within your website design.

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