E-mail Systems

In the beginning your business may only require three or four seperate e-mail boxes. Each box is associated with a singular account, such as username@website.com. However, as your company grows, you will more than likely find yourself in a situation where you will need to expand your communication capabilities. Additional e-mail boxes would become a necessity for the proper flow and organization of your business.

Even worse, what if your company has a singular e-mail address for your entire operation? If customers are sending in questions, requests, orders and other communications you will quickly wind up with a mailbox that is too full, cluttered and disorganized to run efficiently. Thanks to this, even smaller companies can benefit from additional e-mail accounts being added.

At Elliottsweb Web Design, creating an e-mail system for this purpose can be quickly and professionally handled for you. You select the username that you prefer and from there a mailbox can be created. The e-mail address format follows the traditional username@website.com style. It is secured with the password you desire.

These new mail accounts may be accessed right after they are first created. These new mailbox accounts will work with our supported webmail interface or a third party client. From then on you can better sort your mail between users, departments or groups, making your business and employees more organized and productive in the process.

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