Marketing your site

Elliottspromoz- Targeted promotions are an excellent strategy for increasing sales while driving traffic to your site.

Promotions provide an incentive for customers to take a desired action. Online promotions are more targeted and cost effective than their offline counterparts.

Determining your goals and helping you reach their objectives is the key element for promotion strategies. Request a Quote online today!

Our Approach
Elliottsweb.com team of strategists will analyze each objective and develop specific home page promotions that best fit your goals. These targeted promotions will deliver measurable results for your business.

Activities associated with cherrypromoz include:

  • Review your sites, promotions and offsite efforts.
  • Develop promotional yearly calendars based on your offline efforts.
  • Create results reports and new campaign recommendations as needed.


Promotion development: 
Elliottsweb.com will meet with you to confirm your marketing goals and provide recommendations for targeted promotions.

Promotion Implementation: 
Once promotion concepts are agreed upon, concepts are put into development, tested and launched.

Campaign removal: 
Elliottsweb.com will remove any promotion and bring your home page back to its original configuration or we will accommodate a new promotion if applicable.

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