E-mail Page for Your Website Design

CherryOne can develop a quick e-mail page for your website design or project. This page is a type of form page, but is limited in its format. When in use, it contains only an e-mail related sections with your primary fields: send to, copy to, subject, and message. These e-mail pages may be customized for your specific website design.

Once the visitor fill out the e-mail message and clicks “send” the message is forwarded to the box of the addressee. You will receive this e-mail in your specified account shortly.

E-Mail Page Features 

This page is useful to your website design and your customers for a variety of reasons.

  • Utilizes your own website’s design
  • Anyone with internet access can contact your specified e-mail account
  • No relying on third party e-mail clients
  • Less risk of lost mails or sending errors
  • Less risk of spam as compared to a standard e-mail link

It allows anyone with access to the internet to reach you via your specified e-mail account through your website design, regardless of the computer they are using. It doesn’t have to rely on third party e-mail clients, reducing the risk of lost mail or errors in sending. It also gives your customers less reason to leave your site or move on to another competitor due to its convenience. Adding an e-mail page to your website is an added convenience for your customers and just one more reason for them to want to continue business with you. Let CherryOne help you set up a contact form email page today!

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