Marketing your site

Ezmail lets you deliver targeted messages to your customers for a fraction of the cost of a typical print direct mail campaign.

The elliottsweb.com staff will work with your existing database or an outside list to develop a targeted campaign for your consumer.

You determine when we deliver. You can test different subject lines and change the message or offer right in the middle of the campaign. Request a Quote online today!

Our Approach
The elliottsweb.com team will develop Ezmail campaigns that drive traffic and sales to your website. Elliottsweb-ezmail allows for custom personalization and tracking and will deliver measurable results each time you mail.

Activities that are associated with Ezmail include:

  • Develop Ezmail strategy
  • Populate database
  • Send Ezmail message
  • Update new addresses
  • Delete dead addresses


Concept Development: 
Elliottsweb.com staff will meet with you to confirm marketing goals, provide input for content, and provide recommendations for Ezmail Campaigns.

Cherry-ezmail development and implementation: 
When you provide customer database and content, development will begin. After you approve final Ezmail content, elliottsweb.com staff will test Ezmail and launch campaign.

Campaign results review: 
At your direction, elliottsweb.com will track results of the campaign and report it’s findings and report recommendations for future mailings.

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