Improved Network Speed

Get more reliable, faster production from your existing computers!

Chicago Computer Repair

Elliottsweb is pleased to offer Chicago computer repair. We will troubleshoot, diagnose and repair any PC or Macintosh for you. We offer the best in computer repair services when you need them! Request a Quote online today »

Are Your Computers Running the Best They Can Be?

Over time, computers run slower and slower. When you add then remove programs often your PC’s registry can become clogged with unnecessary “orphaned” files that are not completely removed by uninstall programs. These files can quickly eat up memory and storage.

Your start-up menu can be clogged with unnecessary or outdated short-cuts, making your computer slow to boot. Spyware, viruses, even months of old website cookies can steal memory and make your PC’s sluggish and prone to crashes.

Your immediate solution might be to upgrade your PC’s RAM memory, or add an additional hard drive, but that can be expensive and is only delaying more problems. Maybe all your PC’s really need is a tune-up to help and in turn gain improved system and network speed?

Our experienced technicians will run dozens of security and Maintenance tasks every day, week, or month to keep your company’s systems and Internet connectivity running at peak performance, which keeps your business’ performance at peak. Request a Quote online today »

Here’s what we do to gain improved network speed…

System Monitoring

Our transparent Agent will automatically alert the Elliottsweb Tech Support Service Team to any problems your PC is having without requiring your intervention. You and your employees can focus on your business, not your systems!

Consolidated system data stored for each computer

Elliottsweb Tech Support can perform advanced troubleshooting steps easily, as we will monitor and store remotely the system data for optimal performance for your PC’s.

Remote Management and Live Support

The software that you install from Elliottsweb Tech Support will enable Elliottsweb Tech Support technicians to rapidly troubleshoot and fix your PCs. With remote management, we can remotely take over control of your PC’s cursor and perform system management tasks such as registry repair, defragmenting your hard drives, or network configuration, so your PC’s run at their best abilities gain improved network speed. With remote management, none of your employees have to stay with their machines as maintenance is done. Request a Quote online today »

Software Management

Elliottsweb Tech Support will conveniently install timely and secure software updates to your software to upkeep and improve network speed. This isn’t just updates to the anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-spam security software we provide. Elliottsweb Tech Support agents will also check the manufacturer’s websites for updates for items such as Microsoft Windows, Office, and Internet Explorer, and any other installed programs you have, and then install them overnight on your PCs, so as to not disturb your productivity.

Centralized Remote Service and Support

Elliottsweb Tech Support can provide your company with rapid response business hours and after hours support capabilities. We’re there when you need us any hour of the day, any day of the year. We NEVER close.

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