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Website Design with Forms by Elliottsweb Chicago Website Design 

Your website design may require form submission pages. There are many types of form submission pages, such as a loan application, a guest book, or a contact us page. These are forms that your visitor will fill out online. They are very important to your web site design because they enable your client to request services, goods or information from your company. Elliottsweb can build a form page and work it into your website design that requires very little typing on the part of the person that is filling out the form. We accomplish this by allowing the client to “check a box” instead of typing a lengthy e-mail. This saves both you and your client time.

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If you would like your website design to request information from your visitors – such as name, address, phone number, email, comments, or inquires about an area of interest on your site, you would use a form submission page.

They are designed to send visitor information filled out on your website to an email (or email’s) of your choice. Once a visitor (potential customer) completes the form and ‘clicks’ on submit, the information is delivered via e-mail to your company. Request a Quote online today.

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