PC and Network Protection

Have your computers put your company at risk?

If you’re like anyother small- to mid-sized business owner, you are operating under an increasing threat. Your business, your very livelihood, is most likely at some level of risk.

How much would you lose if your company’s computer system crashed due to a virus? What if it were inoperative for a day? … a week?

What if you lost your records and customer lists? What if you couldn’t recover them?

What if an outsider got access to your customers’ records? How could you explain it to your customers?

You’ve implemented spam and virus filters – yet the amount of spam and virus-laden emails you get keeps mushrooming. You keep expanding your email infrastructure and storage capacity to keep up, but you can’t keep up in capacity or cost. Keeping your computers clean, secure, and running efficiently is taking an increasingly larger amount of time and resources which you and your employees would make better time of working on your business. It’s a big mistake to be OK with this, but a company your size often finds it difficult to afford good full-time IT support.

The fact is that 90% of today’s inbound email traffic is pure junk – and more and more malicious in nature every day. The majority of spam filters don’t protect your business from directory harvest attacks, email server denial of service attacks, malformed SMTP packets, invalid recipient addresses, and many other types of unwanted email messages. In fact, the purpose of many of these attacks is to compromise your directory, steal valid email addresses – and send you more spam! Phishing, malware, and spam can all wreak havoc on your business systems, and the evolution and proliferation of new technologies such as mobile, wireless and VoIP are creating even more security concerns. Request a Quote online today »

The cost and impact of these new security threats are significant for any business:

  • If your business requires regulatory compliance, you are at risk when your directories are compromised.
  • Businesses often expand their email and storage infrastructures just to keep up with the ever-increasing traffic volume.
  • Performance slow-downs wreak havoc on networks causing the need to add capacity.
  • If you don’t have a full-time IT person, someone at your company has to spend time needlessly on spam and malware related issues.
  • Outside IT help is expensive, costing potentially thousands of dollars to resurrect a compromised network, plus they are never available immediately when you need them.
  • Your infected system may spread and ruin your customers’ systems, destroying your trust and rapport with them.

In the past, businesses like yours have had only one option for data protection: slow, obsolete tape backup. But sadly, industry analysts estimate that over 50 percent of tape backups fail to restore properly, if at all. As a result, companies relying on this technology are at considerable risk of permanently losing their data, a loss that can cause irreparable harm to business operations and possibly bankrupt you. Most small to mid-sized companies have Windows servers at the center of their system and typically are running Microsoft’s Exchange Mail Server, Microsoft SQL Server-based database applications, Oracle-based applications, or Web applications. Without one or any of these, their businesses would stop functioning in almost immediately. Many companies have probably never tested their backup archives or have tried to recover their business data and have never asked any or all the critical questions:

  • In the event of a data disaster, can I recover all of your most recent critical data using my current methods?
  • Where are your backup files? Are they offsite, secure from physical disaster?
  • Who has custody of the backup files? Are they reachable and trustworthy?
  • When were my applications and databases on your computer last backed up?
  • How often should I backup my data?
  • Can I recover my data quickly enough with my current methods?
  • Is my current backup situation enough to safeguard my livelihood ?

Negative answers to any or all of these questions add up to the same ultimate risk: FAILURE OF BUSINESS CONTINUITY. Failure of continuity almost always leads to permanent closure of business within a short time. Request a Quote online today »

For most small and medium-sized businesses that are formulating business continuity plans, the first concern is typically how fast they can get their data back and their business up and running again. While this is a critical concern, it’s only half of your concern. The other critical part of a recovery plan needs to focus on the amount of data the organization can afford to lose.


Here’s What You Get with Elliottsweb Tech Support and Network Protection!

Immediate Recovery. Our online backup and recovery services provide the only system by which data is available for immediate, on-demand recovery. Even the most diligent IT organizations that transport their data to secure offsite storage facilities need time to retrieve the data and initiate the recovery procedure. This process could sometimes take up to a week of time that you can’t afford. By using our online services, your data is available as quickly as the user can access the Web. Once the user is logged into the service, the recovery process can begin and you will be back in no time.

Recovery using online backup and recovery also provides:

Convenience. Even single files are retrievable with online backup and network protection.  With tape backup, you wouldn’t even consider  trying to recover only a single file because the time and inconvenience of retrieving the tape, searching for a particular version, and attempting a restore is too involved. But online backup offers a quick and easy point-click alternative that makes it easy to restore in seconds even that single client presentation your senior partner accidentally deleted. Request a Quote online today »

Ease of manageability. Our online backup and recovery service allows you to personally manage your data protection process through a personalized web interface, so you can check the status of your data and initiate a recovery from anywhere, through any web browser. While the we assumes responsibility and automate back-end functions, you retain overall control of your data protection by creating customized backup policies, checking status, and initiating restore operations whenever needed.

Cost-effectiveness. With online backup and recovery, you don’t need to worry about the actual logistics of your backups. You don’t have to pay for stacks of costly tapes or sophisticated backup equipment. The service is billed as a recurring, typically fixed, fee. Because the service is much more reliable than tape-based backup, should a disaster occur, you do not need to pay for data retrieval or spend numerous employee time and resources recreating data. The data is easily and quickly restored online.

What Can You Do for Network Protection?

Until now, that was a very difficult question. For many companies, the only answer was to spend $50,000 or more to hire an on-site IT employee. Despite the amount of money spent, that person is not on-site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The other choice has been spending $100 an hour for on-demand, non-dedicated, outside IT contractors. But that type of help may temporarily fix a problem, but it didn’t stop the problem, a problem that costs you money in downtime and frustrated customers, from happening in the first place.

That’s all changed now. Request a Quote online today »

The Elliottsweb Tech Support Solution Package for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

Elliottsweb Tech Support is proud to announce the availability of Remote Management Services Solution Packages for small to mid-sized businesses.

Through Remote Management Services, your equipment can now provide performance statistics and alerts to our dedicated support team so that we can deliver proactive, rapid service and IT support with remote troubleshooting capabilities. Our goal is to reduce time-to-repair, and increase your computers’ reliability, security, and uptime. Our ultimate goal is to protect and optimize your system so that it never goes down. We deliver our services to equipment installed behind customer firewalls securely, over the Internet. Our solution has been designed for high performance, efficiency, & security at every level of its architecture. It makes use of secure web services to communicate over the Internet and links your equipment to a central server at the Elliottsweb Tech Support. Request a Quote online today »

Elliottsweb Tech Support Network Security and Remote Management Solutions

The goal of Remote Management Services is to support and maintain your existing network standards and security practices while maintaining a high level of security for intelligent device management (IDM) transmissions. Elliottsweb Tech Support does not ask your IT/Networking department to make any special concessions to accommodate our Remote Management Services or to compromise your firewall and security in any way for our access.

This support is possible through a three-layer security architecture based on web services that achieve both transparency and security. Remote Management Services employs security at the device, network, and enterprise layers built using technology specifically designed for secure, efficient device management communications. Request a Quote online today »

The Agent Does Not Require a Special Port

Some remote access products mandate the use of a specific port number. This is also known as “poking a hole in the firewall,” and requires special, non-standard configuration by network administrators. This type of configuration leaves a weakness in your firewall that can be exploited if found. The network administrator must configure the firewall so that connections to a specific TCP port (i.e., TCP4859) on the public side of the firewall are mapped to port 4859 at the device. This also requires a static IP address to be assigned to the device. As a result, if there is more than one device in your company’s network, they all must be assigned different, static, non-standard ports on the firewall. For proper security, the firewall would also need to be configured so that only authorized devices can establish connections on those specific ports. This take a great amount of time and places a further burden on the network administrator. Also, use of specific port numbers by popular remote access products is common knowledge, making it possible for unauthorized users to scan for this specific port and use the appropriate protocols to try to discover what else is on that connection. This “port scanning” is a very common tool used by hackers and can lead to a great amount of damage to your data and your network. Our Agent does not require a special port, and therefore leaves your firewall intact. Request a Quote online today »

The Agent Does Not Require a Fixed IP Address

The Agent supports DHCP (commonly known as a dynamic IP system), so there is no need to assign fixed IP addresses to devices. Typical firewall configurations allow for outbound connections to be initiated securely from “behind” the firewall, over port 443 (https, or secure http). The Agent communicates through the firewall using port 443 and initiates all communication to the Remote Management Services server. Therefore, equipment can communicate to the Server without revealing its true IP address, in the same way that a Web browser accesses a secure Web site. Since all such communication is outbound, your corporate network does not need to accept any connections from the outside world or open up ports in order to allow Remote Management Services to do its job. Equipment with Remote Management Services enabled will simply will not accept connections from any system outside the corporate firewall. Request a Quote online today »

Our Agent does not require a fixed IP address

The Remote Management Services agent on your machines always connects to a known IP Address (our Server)

An important security issue for IT managers is whether the connection is with Elliottsweb Tech Support or with an unknown entity. If the Agent had to listen on a TCP port while waiting for a connection, this would make the device a potential target for unauthorized access. With Remote Management Services, Elliottsweb Tech Support is able to guarantee the identity of the Server because our Server is visible to the Agent via a known, pre-determined IP address, and therefore the Agent never has to “listen” on a port, making it vulnerable to port scans. The Agent listens only to the secure tunnel it has established to the named and trusted Server, located at the Elliottsweb Tech Support center. Therefore, identity is not an issue. Request a Quote online today »

Only RMS Users and Applications can use the Tunnel

Once the Agent has established a secure tunnel, the connection is visible only to pre-authorized Remote Management Services clients and services (applications or users). This means that unauthorized clients and services that try to bind to and use any free TCP port and protocol will be denied immediately – unauthorized entities cannot utilize the connection even if they can “see” it.

Secure Data Transmission through Network Protection

The Agent communicates with the Server via transmissions that require secure password authentication to validate the identity of devices exchanging information with the enterprise. All data transmissions are encrypted using the latest 128-bit (or higher) Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocols. Remote Management Services can also use high-security bidirectional digital certificates that must validate both the sender and recipient before sending data. Request a Quote online today »

Secure Data Storage

At Elliottsweb Tech Support, we value and respect your privacy. Secure data transmission means that only the data relevant to the performance of your equipment is collected by the Agent. Elliottsweb Tech Support has no way and no need of logging information that is of a confidential or proprietary nature, keeping your business plan safe. The only types of data that we monitor are: error codes, log files, and other device properties that assist in troubleshooting.

Security From Viruses

Remote Management Services also delivers better protection for equipment through automatic software management. With this automated capability, the Elliottsweb Tech Support support team can ensure that urgent software patches from Microsoft and other vendors are applied as soon as possible, to reduce the amount of time that your operations might be vulnerable to attack. On occasions such as this, with Elliottsweb Tech Support updating your equipment, you can be assured that the patches are coming from the Remote Management Services server, which is dedicated to supporting Elliottsweb Tech Support customers and is comprehensively protected by anti-virus software. Request a Quote online today »

Secure Server Access

At the enterprise level, Remote Management Services allows only authorized support technicians at Elliottsweb Tech Support to log in with user name and secure password authentication. As a further level of security, user login profiles control which customers, equipment, and file the user can access, as well as the level of access allowed. All user and system interactions are logged for audit purposes.

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