Proper Content Needed For New Website

What is the proper content needed by your website firm for your website design?

Providing proper content to Elliottsweb is very important for the development of your website design or project. It is critical that we have all of the content we need in order to start development and complete your website design or project within a month. Without this information, the development time required by Elliottsweb for your website design or project may be extended.

The ideal proper content for your website design would consist of digital images on disk, (in jpeg, psd, tiff, eps, or ai format), text copy (your “about us”, “company mission statement”, or any other text information) on disk or CD, (preferably in Word format). This content will be worked into your website design or project in the most beneficial way possible, according to your requirements.

If this is not possible, then clear photos or brochures may be used for our development team to scan and optimize for use on your website. If this digital content is not provided to Elliottsweb, additional fees may be included to cover the expense of content preparation. Request a Quote today for more information.