Viral Video Marketing

Our company did the viral video marketing on the divorce spoof of the JK wedding video. Look at the credits at the end and you’ll see a thank you to Elliottsweb for the brains. 10 million hits and still counting. On primetime now on MSNBC and CNN. We specialize in Internet marketing.

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The Making of the JK Divorce Video

The Original JK Divorce Video

We offer full video production services, as well as consulting help with pre-production, post-production, video editing, as well as distribution and marketing for web and viral videos. Our clients include law firms, construction companies, as well as full video production companies, such as Indigo Productions, that use us our expertise in online marketing to maximize the exposure of their direct-to-web videos. If you’d like to chat with one of our Internet marketing consultants, please feel free to Contact us for a FREE quote!