Web Tracking

Website tracking – To take full advantage of the internet, it is essential to be able to track your website traffic. You need to understand where your visitors are coming from and where they are going. Cherrystatz is an ideal tool to determine whether your website is meeting your Chicago website advertising and promotional marketing goals.

Reports generated by Cherrystatz present data in a clear, easy to read table with colorful graphs, providing essential reports on website visitor behavior, advertising views, referring sites, visitor paths, demographics, and much more. Request a Quote online today!

Our Approach
The Elliottsweb.com strategy team will analyze your web site traffic and provide a report, which outlines results of search engine traffic, most commonly viewed pages, and provide insight for future traffic and revenue generating programs.

Activities that are associated with web statistics tracking and reporting include:

  • Monthly report generation
  • Review results with client
  • Provide web site
  • Recommendations as needed


Monthly Statistics Report:
Elliottsweb.com will generate and provide web server statistics reports. Elliottsweb.com account staff will meet to discuss specifics of the initial web advertising report.

Web Site Recommendations:
Elliottsweb.com staff will meet with the client to evaluate initial web tracking results and provide recommendations for future web site enhancements or marketing programs.

Marketing Impact Report:
Elliottsweb.com staff members will meet with those clients who are running marketing campaigns or ezmail programs to report how these marketing programs have impacted site traffic and sales performance. Request a Quote online today!