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Three Things You Might Fear as a Business Owner

What Happens If My System Crashes?

All mechanical devices will eventually fail, but there is no way to tell exactly when that might happen. Unfortunately, these things tend to happen when you or your company can least afford the time or cost. If your company’s PCs or system crashes, your business can grind to a halt, losing you time and money. Issues like this can even put your company’s future at risk!

PC or system failure can be caused by many different issues. These include hardware failure, file corruption, operating system failure, accidental deletion by a user, or loss due to theft or destruction of your equipment. Regaining data from a failed hard drive is a long and costly process, particularly when compared to simply pulling that data from a back-up. Data recovery firms can charge over $100 per hour. Unfortunately, these expensive data recovery efforts don’t cannot guarantee that you will be able to recover all or any of your data.

Viruses are often the culprit in crashes. Each week new viruses spread by email attachments (such as the Melissa virus) threaten to corrupt their unsuspecting victims’ files or reformat their hard drives.

At the same time, normal operation of your computer can make it susceptible to crashes. Registry errors and other redundant entries created by the Windows OS or other software can accumulate and cause big problems as time goes on. The Windows operating system communicates with its registry dozens of times every second and broken registry keys can noticeably slow your computers. Deleted programs often leave Windows registry keys and files behind. These are all potential problems blocking your computers from running in top form! Request a quote online today!

If one key computer crashes, or worse yet, your whole system crashes, you need to it back and in good form quickly. However, do you know how to fix it? Do you know who would fix it? Do you know when they could fix it? Do you know how much it would cost?

The Best Answer Is Simply to Avoid Crashes to Begin With

CherryOne Tech Support will scan your operating system for viruses, spyware and unnecessary registry files. We will fix all of these problems for you and prevent future issues from happening at all! CherryOne Tech Support will install anti-virus and anti-spam software on your systems that is updated daily with the latest information and safe guards. We will perform a daily back-up locally on your own system, in addition to a weekly remote back-up of your site on our own servers. If required, we can also perform daily remote backups for an additional charge. CherryOne Tech Support provides 5GB of storage space with the standard agreement, with small extra charges for more space.

At CherryOne Tech Support we do our maintenance work at night (backing up files, updating your protection software, managing your Windows registry). During your business day your employees can use their computers to their fullest capacity doing work instead of worrying about maintenance! Request a quote online today!

What If I Lose All of My Data and Cannot Recover It?

If your data is gone how will you replace it? Do you have copies of all of your important files? What if your business’s data was on a laptop and it was lost or stolen? Unfortunately, if any of these things happen and your business is not prepared ahead of time you might just be out of luck.

However, with CherryOne Tech Support backing up your system’s files all you would need to do is contact us and we’ll send them to you. If any of your computers have completely failed, were damanged or were stolen, we can ship you a new Dell PC, pre-loaded with your files for as little as $500 in just two days!

So, ask yourself these two questions:

Is there anything more important to my business than my customer data? What would happen to my business in the future if I were to lose all of that information? Request a quote online today!

Could These Problems Force Me to Close Up My Business?

The loss of data can interrupt the flow of your company and how you conduct your business. The loss of a document is an inconvenience and will result in lost productivity. However, if you lose something as important as your entire customer database your entire business’s well being could be in serious jeopardy!

For many businesses there is a liability associated with downtime. This is addition to potential lost sales and lowered employee productivity. Important client information such as contacts, preferences and orders can be lost completely. How would you explain to your customers that you lost their information and can not recover it? In the end, customers do not care how or why such a thing might have happened. They just care that it did happen and will hold you and your company responsible.

Estimates suggest that 80% of small businesses that suffer a serious computer failure cease running within two years. Don’t let yours be one of them! Request a quote online today!

Controlling Your IT Costs

Most data back-ups use a tape drive to store important data. Unfortunately, such products and services cost a fortune! An alternative is to store your data backup on another computer on your network or backing it up on a CD, DVD or portable disk. However, that’s more work for another employee to be responsible for at your company

Many companies have their own IT departments, but very few small to mid-sized businesses can afford the luxury of hiring, training, supervising and paying IT personnel. In some cases, this may be a problem even if a single additional person is necessary. Unfortunately, if you have just a one person IT department it is impossible for he or she to be available around the clock!

Using outside professionals can be expensive no matter what method you utilize. You could:

  • Have a representative come to your place of business
  • Bring your computer to a repair facility
  • Speak with a representative to fix your system over the phone

With these methods repair costs can run over hundreds of dollars for each computer. However, with CherryOne Tech Support, a comprably small monthly fee can protect your company’s PCs and system! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

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